What domain and email should we use for outbound sales?


What is the best set-up for sending outbound sales email campaigns?


We recommend the following configuration:

  1. Set-up a vanity URL. And follow the steps found here: Should I link to my primary domain in outbound sales and marketing emails?

  2. Set-up a new G Suite account. Create 2-3 inboxes. Pre-pay $30 on the account in order to remove trial status. Basically G Suite will place you onto a trial account until you have paid a cumulative total of $30. What this means is you will be on a lower tier Google Sending IP and have sending limits until you are off the trial

  3. Plug-in your new G Suite inboxes into your automation software of choice (SalesLoft, Reply.io, Woodpecker.co, etc)

  4. Connect our software into the DNS section of your domain registrar for your vanity URL

  5. Wait 3 - 7 days, or until we give you the green light to start sending

  6. Follow our warm-up guide found here: We'd like to move forward. What do we do next?

  7. Start receiving more replies and doing more deals!