How should we track results?


We recently signed up, and would like to know how we can monitor results?


Results are transparent to track. If you log into your automation provider (SalesLoft,,, etc) then you can view the daily amount of emails that you are sending and your open rates.

The amount of sales emails that you are able to send while maintaining your current open rates will be 10 - 30x more than without our technology. If you are sending from a primary domain (not recommended) with plenty of reputation built-up then you will be on the lower side whereas if you are sending from a new domain (recommended) you will be on the higher side.

Open rates is a function of your data. So much sure these lists are scrubbed and validated (using valid or accept-alls only). Then your open rates will also increase. We’ve seen folks go from 5% open to 50% with our technology. We’ve seen folks with 40% opens sending 25 messages a day, scale to 800 messages a day with 40%+ open rates. It all depends on your campaigns and data.