How do we send more emails through our sales automation software?


We are currently using Salesloft, and we are being told to limit our sending to 50 - 75 messages a day. This isn’t near enough for us to hit our sales targets. What would you recommend?


This is a typical question that we receive. The answer is relevant to pretty much any sales automation technology on the market. This could be SalesLoft, Apollo, Yesware, Outreach, Reply, Woodpecker, etc. Each of which has its pro’s and con’s, but all of which are similar in that they require a customer to have their own SMTP provider.

In most of the cases, a client will be using G Suite or Outlook 365. In a minority of cases, the client will be using Sendgrid, Mailgun, or another shared or dedicated IP solution. In either scenario the SMTP will be connected to the automation technology. And the automation technology will act as a “email controller.” This is what enables the sending of messages one at a time, and the automatic follow-up cadences (the technologies are constantly monitoring the inbox for replies).

Now here is where it gets tricky. Because an automation technology is just that “the automation.” They do not technically help or hurt your deliverability. Sure there are certain things that can be done by them like enabling the ability to track opens/clicks via a dedicated customer’s subdomain versus an automation providers own link which is much more apt to be blacklisted if not managed diligently.

But really the onus falls on the customer to a) have a solid IP and b) a solid domain reputation. Let’s say you are using G Suite. Well than you are using a Google IP which is just about as good as could be hoped for. If you manage your sending then this should facilitate you sending 25-50 messages per day. But what happens if heaven forbid some of those flag you as SPAM, your content triggers an automatic filter, you hit a number of hard bounces or undeliverable, or you just want to send more volume?

Well this is where domain reputation comes in. If you have done like most of the automation providers recommend then you have established an outbound only domain. This is great (as long as you are not linking back to your main domain). But even if you go through the “month” warm-up period like recommended this still results in a domain with limited reputation. That leaves you with using your primary domain which should have more reputation built up. But what happens if you hit one of the above issues? This could take down your main domain, and keep it down.

That is where Inbox Ignite comes in. By rapidly warming-up your domain, and creating positive email activity, you are starting out where as a reputable sender you deserve to be (in the inbox). Then by continually checking your deliverability, daily warming, and auto-correcting any issues you hit, we are able to help you send more while maintaining better open rates. We’ve seen customers scale from 50 messages a day to 1,000 a day with 50% open rates, no problem, with Inbox Ignite.